Executive Management

Mike Baldwin

President & CEO

Thanks for visiting us online and learning a little about me and our experienced group of mortgage pros. Please contact me any time if you want to know more.

Here’s a little on my background. I’m a veteran of three successful mortgage company start-ups where I was part of creating mortgage products, authoring product and operational guidelines, and developing strategic relationships with banks, correspondent lenders, Wall Street and hedge funds. Although I’ve spent my entire career in the mortgage industry, you may know me best for my years as President of LIME Financial Services. Like LoanStar, I led them through a period of tremendous internal and external growth as well as managed production and operations. We grew from a small regional lender with 20 employees and transformed into a nationwide lender with 500 employees. I’m particularly proud that LIME was honored as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon and two years in a row was recognized as the State’s 4th Fastest Growing Private Company.

These prior accomplishments are what we intend to duplicate and surpass at LoanStar. I’m all in, join me!

Rick Linn


Thanks for visiting me online! I am the Chief Financial Officer for LoanStar Home Loans, LLC and Founder, Member & Secretary of LoanStar Pacific Holdings, LLC. I’ve worked with many of the leaders at LoanStar over my career and we’re excited to have assembled them back together again at LoanStar.

My previous experience includes positions as EVP & Chief Financial Officer at Excelsior Management Group, LLC, EVP & Chief Administrative Officer at LIME Financial (A Credit Suisse USA Company), Director, Administrative Services at RBMG, Inc. (A NetBank, Inc. Company), and EVP & Chief Financial/Administrative Officers at Meritage Mortgage Corporation.

Please contact me any time to learn more about LoanStar!

Shannan Pratt

Executive Vice President

I’m excited to be a Founding Partner in LoanStar Pacific Holdings and to be a part of a very dynamic company, LoanStar Home Lending! I believe my experience as a Founding Partner for Front Burner Restaurants and 11 years as a Commercial Banker SVP at Capital One Bank equips me to help guide LoanStar. I’m based in Dallas, Texas where I’ve spent the majority of my career and I’m looking forward to growing LoanStar throughout Texas and the Southwest.

Please contact me to learn more about LoanStar and especially about our vision to grow the Texas market.

Shannan Pratt, NMLS 1097920

Mark Eastburn

Executive Vice President & Senior Loan Officer

Thank you for visiting LoanStar Home Lending online.  I’m the EVP of Production as well as one of the top originators.  As an originating senior leader at LoanStar I bring a real-time loan officer perspective to the team as we collaborate and make decisions to make LoanStar the most dynamic and trusted lender in our marketplace.

As a loan officer I am committed to providing my customers with a perfect lending experience that generates lifetime relationships. If you are looking to partner with a Portland mortgage advisor with over 20 years’ experience, attention to detail, and the best service at the most competitive rates, please contact me.

Mark Eastburn, NMLS 128552

Sales Management

Greg Haase

SVP Regional Sales Manager (Oregon, SW Washington, Idaho & Hawaii)

I have been in the lending industry since 1983 as an originator and regional manager.  Like many or our management team, I also worked with one or more of the current LoanStar staff at some point in my long career.  I’m very excited to be reunited with this group and the other outstanding talent that has come together.  Our expertise, vision and drive is exciting and habit forming and everyone that joins us feels that enthusiasm and desire to succeed. 

Please do not hesitate to call me, I’m always available to help!

Greg Haase, NMLS 80595

Les Bedford

SVP Regional Sales Manager (Washington)

Great to see you at GoLoanStar.com!

I’ve been managing retail mortgage origination since 1982 with VP-level stops at Umpqua Bank, Cherry Creek Mortgage, Seattle Mortgage Company, and Central Pacific. LoanStar Home Lending is an originator-centric retail mortgage banking firm and we’ve established Puget Sound operations fulfillment with an experienced and successful leadership team dedicated to supporting current and future loan stars. We offer a transparent environment, based on honesty and integrity, and will help you grow your business exponentially.

Call me for details and how you may fit into our dynamic team.

Les Bedford, NMLS 168735

John Giagiari

SVP California Production

Welcome to LoanStar and thanks for visiting us online.  I’m the SVP of California Production. I have been in the mortgage business for 25 years. Most recently working as the SVP of Production for Western Bancorp and COO for LoanCity. Prior to that I worked with many current LoanStar leaders as Director of Lending for Meritage Mortgage. I also spent 11 years with First Franklin Mortgage.

I’m excited about the opportunities for LoanStar to grow in California.  Our unique proposition that allows originators to originate while marketing takes care of all the promotion and operations teams process and close loans from application to funding is exactly what originators want and what we deliver.  Please contact me any time about opportunities to join our team in California!

Ron Schlachter

SVP Regional Sales Manager

Thanks for visiting and learning more about LoanStar.  I’m excited to build the Southwestern Region for LoanStar.  I have over twenty years of experience in mortgage lending with sales leadership, direct sales, team building, and brand expansion as past and present accomplishments.  I am proficient in mortgage sales and operations, primarily in Retail and Wholesale Lending. I have diversified experience in developing plans, budgeting operations and leading teammates to achieve personal, professional, and company goals. 

Please contact me to learn more about our plans to grow throughout the Southwest!

Kenn Bartley

SVP Marketing & Business Development

I’m glad you’re here and looking for more information about LoanStar!  After working as a marketing manager for ten years I entered the mortgage business in 1992 as a loan officer and quickly moved up to manage and help grow one of fastest growing mortgage companies in the Pacific Northwest.  With my background in marketing, origination and management, I joined the “all-star” LoanStar team to help create the best culture to succeed for everyone involved.

My approach to marketing for loan officers echoes what I did as an originator while always looking for a better way. My goal at LoanStar is to help originators originate and my marketing staff will take care of all the marketing, and operations will take care of all the processing. It’s a perfect world. Ask me more or to see if you are a fit in our culture!

Senior Management

Cory Jones

SVP of Capital Markets

I’ve been in charge of capital markets for 13 out of the 17 years I have been in the mortgage industry, most recently as Head of Capital Markets at Willamette Valley Bank.  My goal is to work with the very best correspondent lenders to offer a wide-array of products while maintaining a productive rate environment.  While some mortgage banks are satisfied with a few options, we’ll take on as many lender relationships as needed to equip our originators with a robust product menu.  We’ll also broker products that are not available in the correspondent channel.  With over 30 lender and broker agreements in place, we can find a home for almost any home mortgage scenario!  Call me if you’d like to know more about LoanStar correspondent lending.

Brad Dollar

SVP Operations

Thanks for learning more about LoanStar operations.

During my 15 years in the mortgage industry I’ve been a Senior Underwriter, Licensed Loan Originator, Sales Manager, and Underwriting Manager in addition to running Operations for several companies.  This broad-based experience helps me understand the role each player has in the loan process and how important a smooth running operation is to the customer experience.

My goal for our operations team is to take the hand-off from our originators at application and close on or ahead of time. Each person, in each position has to understand their impact on our customers. By creating an environment of service I make sure that each stage of the loan process is geared towards our mission of providing the ultimate home loan experience and developing lifelong relationships with our customers.

Brad Dollar, NMLS 131765

Chris Wortham

SVP Information Technology

Chris Wortham

Thank you for visiting LoanStar online.

I’m excited to be a part of this dynamic team where I am responsible for the development of long-range strategic plans, and the design, development and maintenance of all internal software and systems to meet the business goals and objectives. I also develop and implement viable, sustainable and fully validated backup and disaster recovery system for the core corporate components and manage and maintain third party relationships revolving around the loan origination process including the management of access to those vendors’ services.

My responsibilities also included managing the personnel and systems necessary to provide answers for procedural loan-level support questions related to Compliance, Encompass, integrated software applications, and integrated vendor services. In addition I am responsible for development and enforcement of compliance policies and procedures in adherence to Regulation B, C, X and Z as well as HUD and established best business practices revolving around information security to ensure compliance with GLBA and the Esign Act.

Tim Gauthier

SVP Accounting & Controller

As the SVP/Controller for LoanStar I am responsible for the day to day operations of accounting records, administration of commission and payroll processing, loan funding, loan servicing, and accounts payable and receivable. The mortgage Industry is ever changing and my work is never the same day-to-day! I enjoy the challenge of developing new solutions to meet the increasing demands of this industry.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with many of my associates in the executive leadership team. It’s a great pleasure to work with all the LoanStar employees throughout the company.

In 1991 I began my accounting career and transitioned into the mortgage industry in 1996. Since then, I have acquired a wide breath of knowledge of the mortgage industry. Through my expertise I developed systems to streamline and automate processes resulting in reduced costs and increased accuracy of the accounting records. I apply this knowledge as a standard in accounting management.

Key Management

David Moser

VP Legal Manager

I’m glad you are here to learn more about LoanStar and my role in legal and compliance.  My responsibilities include contract review, policy administration, compliance auditing, and legal opinion on a variety of corporate matters.  The best part of my role is the ability to provide fast turnaround time to our LoanStar family.  Whether it is reviewing a marketing piece for compliance accuracy to transferring a license to LoanStar, my goal is to do it extremely quickly so we can get to work faster.  Feel free to contact me any time to discuss how having VP-level legal counsel on staff benefits everyone at LoanStar.

Kim Long

Underwriting Manager

It’s very exciting to work for a company that shares my values of passion, pride and integrity at its core. I enjoy working with so many like-minded people within the organization.

Underwriting today is more complex than in any other time in history. The industry has become more creative in the pursuit of loans. Therefore, underwriters must provide more rigorous due-diligence. Realtors, Loan Officers and Processors are all client advocates. LoanStar Underwriters are advocates too, and it’s our job to protect the interest of the homeowners, investors, insurers and company.

As the Underwriting Manager, I am responsible for managing the underwriting team and delivering process and system improvements. Since 1992, I have worked in all facets of loan origination from sales and processing to underwriting and management solutions.

As a result of my leadership experience, I run an efficient department to reduce errors, improve communications, and create a positive work environment for my team and business partners.

Kim Long, NMLS 1169493

Jason Brown

Post Closing Manager

As a post-closing Manager, my role at LoanStar is to monitor and manage the loan settlement workflow. For this, I analyze, develop and implement procedural changes to gain efficiencies and productivity. These directly impact the bottom line for LoanStar. In addition, this benefits our customers in delivering a positive experience. Lastly, this builds our credibility in our Investor relationships for long term partnering.

I have been working in the mortgage industry for 14 years. Over the years, I have worked in processing, lock desk, loan closing, compliance and post-closing. I have a firm understanding of the full scope of origination to loan purchase. In identifying any potential issues, I work quickly and transparently to reach resolution. I work effectively with diverse internal and external customers and enjoy working as a cohesive team with all of the departments at LoanStar. Together, our efforts result in loans that are purchased by our investors.



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