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Mark Eastburn

(503) 445-0445

Executive VP of Sales, Senior Loan Officer

NMLS# 128552

About Mark

Mark Eastburn has been involved in the mortgage banking/lending business as a Loan Officer in Senior Management for over 20 years. As a mortgage expert Mark is one of the top mortgage originators in Oregon with more than 750 million in closed residential real estate transactions.

Mark and his team of processing and marketing professionals collectively have more than 50 years’ experience working for their clients. Having over 20 correspondent lender relationships allows Mark to shop a wide range of lenders in order to deliver the most competitive rates and terms to his customers. Mark and his team process, underwrite and fund locally in Portland, Oregon. This allows them to provide better service by controlling the entire process in-house – from application to funding.

Mark & his LoanStar team strive to deliver expertise and efficient access to home loans with passion, pride and integrity while developing lifelong relationships with customers. He is licensed in both Oregon & Washington to provide financing for residential purchases and refinances throughout the Pacific Northwest.

An Oregon native, Mark enjoys steelhead fishing, golf, bbq and a taking time out over a great glass of Oregon Pinot with family and friends.

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9020 SW Washington Square Rd, Suite 350
Portland, OR 97223


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"Mark and his staff are fast, efficient and very kind. We have worked with them in the past and would do so again in the future."

Shari C.

"Great experience!!"

Kurt D.

"Pre-approval letter on a Saturday was wonderful! We loved The Eastburn Group working with the realtor to save us steps. Very communicative & responsive. We loved the whole process!"

Callan G. & Alexander K.

"Excellent, fast & efficient! Wonderful!"

Michael & Shannon F.

"Overall experience: GREAT!"

David L.

"Amazing – the best!"

Kevin & Shawna M.

"Professional, GREAT customer service, experts and personal."

Max & Elizabeth T.

"Absolutely incredible!"

Lynn L.

"Thanks Mark!"

Christine T.

"Once again it was a perfect job by Mark and his Team!"

Bern & Janice C.

"Second loan with Mark & appreciate his help & everyone involved."

Steven & Kristin S.

"Significantly easier than I expected as a first time home buyer!"

Pavel & Samantha L.

"Overall experience: Outstanding!"

Humbert W.

"Thank you!! Great job!!!"

Troy F.

"Great people, fast service, excellent - excellent!"

Robert & Rosemarie A.

"Everyone was great."

John R.

"The Eastburn Group was fabulous to work with. They were very professional, communicative and on top of things."

Todd & Marie J.


David & Eleanore R.

"Loan went through! Even with a few hurdles!"

Joseph & Cindy M.

"Everything went very well!"

Kerry & Debra B.

"Great people to work with!"

Ricky B.

"Great experience, very knowledgeable on the loan process."

Rachael W.

"We love this company due to the kindness & honesty of the staff. Appreciate the detail oriented expertise. All good! Answered all our questions & kept our best interest in the process."

Timothy & Martha U.

"Very professional and friendly!"

Thomas & Marilyn H.

"The overall experience was VERY good!"

John & Barbara B.

"Friendly and helpful!"

Frederick D. & Jennifer B.


Cheryl M.

"Our experience with The Eastburn Group has been good. Mark proved to be a man of his WORD. Our intention to refinance reverse mortgage has come to pass. Thank you Mark!"

James & Betty R.

"All was handled very good."

William B.

"Appreciated all your personal attention to this loan to make it as smooth going as possible! Thanks, Mark!"

Meresa H.

"Easy and so helpful with questions I had!"

Gail P.

"Excellent & Professional!"

Michael R.

"Absolutely incredible!"

Lynn L.


Solomon K & Meaza G.

"Thanks Mark!"

John W.

"FANTASTIC group of people!"

Michael & Julie E.

"Very informed. Very helpful, Thank you! Thank you!"

John & Caterina A.

"Mark was great and friendly, always happy to talk with us."

Jason & Joy S.

"Smooth! Timely! Professional! Very down to earth and personable. Thanks!"

Jeffrey H.

"Fantastic experience - we were delighted with the result and appreciative of the amazing service!"

Stephen & Jessica A.

"Thank you Eastburn Group for being patient while I dealt with the issues!"

Noel S.

"Thank You to Mark and The team! Great Job."

Edward & Betty B.

"Wonderful experience! Thank you for everything."

Mark O.

"Thanks for getting this done!"

Dennis & Karen L.

"It was outstanding!"

Donald & Cindi C.

"I would recommend The Eastburn Group to others!"

Donna M.


Meghan S.

"Overall experience: Very good!"

Jerry & Loraina H.

"Very happy with overall service, we felt like things were explained and made clear throughout process."

Zachary & Laura D.

"Great from start to finish. Appreciate everyone’s patience through process."

Janet T.

"It's been amazing from start to finish!"

Karen H.

"Easy pleasant experience."

Deborah F.


Sydney M.


Mark & Jolene M.

"You are guys awesome, Thank you!!"

Brian & Alycia T.

"I was very happy with the service provided by Mark and in the future I will use The Eastburn Group again."

Rick & Catherine W.

"The Eastburn Group has always been wonderful. Thank you Mark!"

Christopher & Hollie F.

"Thank you Mark!"

John & Joanne C.

"Overall a great experience. The Eastburn Group was quick, efficient, accurate and helpful."

Justin & Sara M.

"Amazing service! Will refer anyone who needs loan/refi service. Love this team."

Larry W.

"This was a hard loan to get done. Thank you for sticking with us!"

Lee & Heather C.

"Mark has always been an energetic businessman. He gets my loan business anytime."

Andrew B.

"Mark was amazing to work with. We will use The Eastburn Group again on our next house!"

Sungil & Alyx C.

"Excellent Service! Thank you Team Eastburn! :)"

Rachael W.

"The Eastburn Group was amazing. This was a rush deal and I was kept on schedule & well-informed!"

Deborah E.

"The Eastburn Group helped us tremendously during the buying process."

Jessica A.

"Excellent experience!"

Joseph & Jane C.


David & Stacy W.

"Fantastic from Start to Finish."

Erin D.

"Great people!"

David & Shan B.

"We were very pleased with the entire process."

Michael & Karen S.

"The Eastburn Group went out of their way for me, and I greatly appreciate it."

Rolf & Patricia V.


Matthew S.

"Very professional!"

Albert B.

"Very good - no run around."

Raeleen D.

"Excellent! Could not have requested better service and communication. Loved working with The Eastburn Group."

Marvin & Joyce C.

"At times it was tough but together we fought thru the mess. Thank you Mark."

Larry S.

"Simple process. The Eastburn Group was very responsive and fun to work with."

Anthony G.

"Great again! Loved the ability to upload all documents."

Roger & Stefanie W.

"Amazing! Seamless process."

Dustin & Tracy G.

"It was flawless! Thank you all."

Didier & Kara P.

"ALL great! Super!"

Allan & Rhonda G.

"Always a positive experience!!"

Bradley & Stacy S.

"Excellent fast & efficient. Wonderful!"

Shannon & Michael F.

"The Eastburn Group is great."

Jean Luc G.

"The Eastburn Group made this transaction very easy! We were able to get everything completed very quickly!"

Monica M.

"Thank you for going the extra mile!! Mark - thanks so much!!"

Rosario M.

"The Eastburn Group was very communicative & helpful."

Doris & Northon R.

"Everything went in a very fast and smooth manner."

Carol N.

"They LISTENED TO OUR questions. It was a nice way to be treated."

Karen & Michael S.

"Awesome :) Thank you!"

Alex K.

"The Eastburn Group = Great! Only thing to improve on is more cookies in the office!"

Arlyne K. & John S.

"Mark was great and responsive. …very knowledgeable and helpful. I felt The Eastburn Group was working for me & my best interest!"

Kathleen H.

"Clear & timely communication."

Isiac & Richelle O.

"It was great!! 😊"

Jeffery S.

"The Eastburn Group was wonderful!"

James & Jan M.

"Our experience with the Eastburn Group was always timely, professional and consistently accurate."

Cristo & Contesa N.

"This is our 4th time with you so you are doing all the right things."

Roger & Stefanie W.

"Everything was done quickly and in a professional manner. The whole process went quickly and very courteously."

Kelly N.

"This team is amazing!!!"

Robert M.

"Very personal and helpful!"

Ryan & Christina F.

"The Eastburn Group were on it - thank you!"

John & Katherine

"Did a great job communicating with us!"

Joel & Molly D.

"The Eastburn Group was great to work with and they were very knowledgeable. I would recommend them in the future."

Andy G.

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for getting this deal closed. We're planning on many happy years at the farm with our kids. Your efforts mean a lot to us."

Jeffrey G.

"Mark and his team are great! Purchasing or refinancing your home is a big decision. I met Mark when I bought my first home. He helped us prepare and plan to make it happen. Mark recently has helped us with refinancing and is very honest on if it is a good time and a good decision. Marks team is exceptional at making the process go smoothly. There’s no hidden fees and complete honesty. I will never go to anyone else. There is no other group I trust that understands their customers needs and takes care of them like family. We value their honesty as we got burned by another company through a shoddy refinance process that put a lot of pressure on us, the figures changed on every piece of paper and there was no contact person just a big company with many transfers when you try to call. Marks team responds quickly and never leaves a doubt and puts any worry at ease. Put your trust in him and his team, you won’t regret it."

Erika N.

"Thank you for your help with our refinancing. We just signed our papers today with the title company and will close next Friday. After dealing with 3 other lenders and no one could really help us you guys came through. It was great working with Loan Star and I will definitely let friends know they should work with your guys if they needed a loan or refinancing."

Tim & Cherri A.

"Doing our home re-fi was so quick and easy with LoanStar! Everyone involved with the process was very responsive, supportive, and cheerful! And E-signing from home was a breeze!"

Julie W.


Mark Eastburn has been involved in the mortgage banking/lending business as a Loan Officer in Senior Management for over 20 years. As a mortgage expert Mark is one of the top mortgage originators in Oregon with more than 750 million in closed residential real estate transactions. Mark and his team of processing and marketing professionals collectively have more than 50 years experience working for their clients. Having over 20 correspondent lender relationships allows Mark to shop a wide ra ...


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Mark Eastburn - NMLS: 128552
9020 SW Washington Square Rd, STE 350
Portland, Oregon 97223
Phone: (503) 445-0445


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